Limit on Number of Likes Per Day

Another puzzle: why’s there a limit on the number of likes I can give???

I mean, okay, as a newbie I’m enthusiastic and easily impressed I guess, but whatever could be the rationale behind limiting the ability to click “like” (the heart icon)??

And such a weird implementation of a weird rule, too: I’m told I have to wait “4 hours” before being able to like another post and then when I do and finally click like again, the limit’s reimposed but then it’s only “57 minutes” that I have to wait! Then “23 minutes” and so forth…but it hasn’t reached “0” yet – is there a way to turn this off??? Ever???


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Thanks, that was interesting (n.b.: searching for “likes limit” doesn’t bring up anything – and until creating this topic, the Discourse platform had no similar existing topics to suggest) – but how could giving out a bunch of likes, even if quickly and frequently, be construed as spam???

And would you bump up my “trust level” so that I can just like all the posts I’ve found to be helpful – which are, thankfully, quite very (very, very) many??

Thanks again!

My guess is that “likes” are throttled because it’s the type of thing that people write bots to do. I don’t think it’s listed as a trust-level thing, so maybe it is just rate-limited for everyone… It could be either per day or per hour. If it’s associated with trust level, then rest assured that your trust level goes up very quickly.

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Yeah but how’s it harmful if a bot likes every post it crawls…that’s what I’m not grokking here.

The minds of UX designers are strange indeed!

maybe limiting the likes makes you think more about what you actually find useful rather than just throwing them on every post you read.

might make it easier to judge the usefulness of a post

also have you every seen that guy/girl that just likes everything they read. that person is annoying.

I dunno…some folks just have that puppy-like personality oftentimes while others are typically more like a cat…?

And I definitely read what I like – this ain’t social media exactly so it’s not like I’m getting anything out of liking someone’s contribution. And it’s not like anyone gets anything for having a bunch of likes…so that’s just what I don’t get, where the harm is – like, no one even knows it’s me givin’ 'em the likes, right??

Maybe it’s some deep in-the-weeds programming esoterica, I guess, like Discourse programmed its user limitations in a “global” manner that just happened to include likes and no one cares 'cause it’d be too much work to “correct” something folks rarely use, as it’s been found that people generally don’t bother to leave good reviews, even if it’s just a simple quick and anonymous click of the mouse…