How to upgrade trust level and how to get the camper badge?

I am new to the forum and I am interested in involving more, I notice there are something called trust level, and I don’t know how to level up…:roll_eyes:
Also I notice there are something called badges, and I think it is kind of dumb. Anyway, for a badge called camper, the description is “a regular camper” which I’m not sure what it means or how to get the badge. Can someone please teach me those ?


Trust levels happen automatically as you participate in the forum. As you answer questions, read threads, etc, your trust level goes up. The badges are also something that happens automatically and honestly no one looks at it.

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where can i find the requirement to the next trust level? I want to upgrade to the leader level, because my school is grade us based on our FCC progress and how many points and certificates we have. And those trust level and badge thingy are convert to participation points

Huh. That’s interesting. Which school would that be? If you don’t mind me asking.

it’s PVPHS, our teacher is new and he want to try FCC as part of our assignment, we also have some in-class assignments and tests for our grade


If you want to be more active, go home, leave a tab open for FCC forums and check every once in awhile. That’s one way to do it. :+1:

I will try that, thanks!

Of course, also try and help other people with their problems. It won’t be easy if you are a beginner, but you’ll pick up other people’s thought processes. And some of the more veteran programs come up with some very interesting solutions.

BTW, how did you guys become a moderator? The shield icon looks so cool!

Trust Levels Explained

Moderators are selected as needed based on their involvement in the community. Quincy selects them based on how much time they spend helping people, the quality and tone of their responses, the amount of positive feedback they get from the community (especially moderators), etc.

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I look at them :slight_smile: (especially when I’m trying to figure out something about the person I’m speaking with…)

Good to know! I’ll sometimes look at a person’s forum activity to get a feel of what types of questions they have and I’ll look at their location if I think they might be having regional issues, but I’ve never looked at another person’s badges.

Yeah, look for simple questions for which you know the answer.
Also, there are a lot of non-technical questions like reviewing people projects, people needing encouragement. If you find some interesting outside materials, you can write a review. Also, don’t be afraid to ask technical questions - they are a great way to increase your presence.