Using APIs (Beginner Question)

Hi everyone, I’m just getting started on the intermediate coding challenges and the first wall I’m running into is calling APIs. I went through the FCC section on JSON and Ajax twice and I still have no idea how to transfer that information into actually calling an API of my own in my own page.

Could anyone link me to a good beginner’s guide? I’m thinking about using the forismatic quote API. I’ve googled looking for such a guide, but haven’t had much luck in getting one that I can understand. Thanks in advance for the help, I’m excited to get started on these, but I need to get the raw materials first!


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This has been really tough for me too. There is very little info out there on APIs.

Code Academy has something, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. It won’t help completely, but it will fill in the puzzle a bit.

Get ready for a head ache.

The easiest API I’ve found to work with is

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Working on the Codecademy section right now and yes, it is filling in some of the gaps, so thank you for the suggestion, I’d missed that on there. This seems to be a big gap in the educational process! Thank you!

I just found another good one, better than the code academy. If you look down through their intro course, they have a rather small section on APIs, but it is very good, it’s taught by an engineer at Reddit. It’s 40 bucks a month, but looks like they have a ton of good stuff on there. I’d recommend it.

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you can read the jquery documentation.

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That was also helpful in filling in some of the missing pieces, thank you!