so i’m using and i can’t see the console or the preview of the code this maybe normal but i don’t know.

I suspect that you will need to use the desktop version of VS Code in order to access those features. The console used by VS Code is part of the computer’s system.

Use StackBlitz or CodeSandbox instead.

is there any way i can use html on stackbltz or not?

@babbeth Up to my knowledge we cannot create a separate html file on stackblitz

what does that mean?

But we can get it if you create a empty JS file

ok so use js for html?

I meant that you can’t get a standalone html file. You can get it along with other files like JS

I think you can delete the JS file from there and then use it

thank I’m in junior high so I’m getting a early start on all of this your a huge help mate.

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No problem. Happy to help

is there a way for you to help me learn some of the more complex things on html and js?
Because free code camp isn’t helping too much.

Hmm…Could you tell me exactly what you want to learn?

just more things that i could use to make some thing like ping pong because I’m trying to get in to game programing and I’ve heard that starting with ping pong and all that is a good start

Hmm making games with html, css and javascript is not a good idea.

oh ok well i’ll see you later i gtg to 3ed per.

Click the Vite tab and use the Vanilla template.

If you hover over FILES in the file explorer on the left side you get two buttons for creating files and folders.

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