UX Design - Boring yet Beautiful

Boring or beautiful, simple or complicated, elegant or cluttered… My creativity these days seems strained. While I work through the projects in their simplicity on the development I find myself struggling more on choosing the appropriate color pallet, typography, and flow than on any of the actual development. I have quickly come to find out that my overall UX abilities need work. Rather than allowing scope creep to hinder my completion I renounce my design dreams and focus on the user stories (MVP minimal viable product).

I was happy to read the article by Tanner Christenson at https://medium.freecodecamp.com/how-to-talk-about-your-side-projects-18b96f192817#.at1bwrys2 and stumble upon one of his tweets https://twitter.com/tannerc/status/840244877032071170 on “The five books you should read to learn more about creativity” (He has authored his own book as well). As I continue to learn and grow as a developer I now have an additional determination to ensure I focus on tending to my creative inspiration as much as I do the code.

Any tips, tricks, or books on design is appreciated.

I found an interesting website on various design portfolios I thought I would share: http://www.creativebloq.com/portfolios/examples-712368.

Developing things is amazing, but without the right look and feel a great application may simply sit on the shelf.

https://hackdesign.org/ is a great resource I have yet to finish myself. I’m trying to stick to the “MVP” approach as much as I can since coming up and refining designs took up most of my time when attempting FCC for the first time. Now on my second attempt I shifted my focus onto the coding side of things but will eventually jump into the whole UX / Design topic again once I feel comfortable with my coding.

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Kim, Perfect! Bookmarked the site and will go through it. I am glad I posted and excited to utilize the resource you provided. Thanks Again!!!


You’re very welcome, glad I could help @DevoAle! =)

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UX is human first way of designing products.
User Experience focuses more on how does it make user feel and how easy it is for user to complete their desired task.
UX deals with user mapping at optimum functionality.
Nowadays Startups have started to give significant importance to UX Design as first impression of any product is it’s UX.