UX/Design Review

Hello. If anyone has a minute, I’d be interested in your thoughts on my Wikipedia Viewer - particular in terms of design/UX as they are relatively weak points of mine that I’d like to improve.

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Ux wise:

  • Before performing the search the user has no idea what’s that number 1 and why should he increase/decrease it.

  • Buttons (and all clickable things) should have hand cursor


It’s weird having the same font and size across everything. Things should have a visual hierarchy.

I am replying without reading anyone else’s comments so I’m not influenced by them.

The most apparent thing is there was no explanation of what the number 1 in the right side box was for. It became obvious after I had used it but not before.

No finger icon change when hovering over the search and random buttons.

I liked the overall aesthetics a lot - very nice.

Thanks for your advice on this.

Not sure how I feel about the choice of font, but the colors and design are great. It’s also responsive, which is fantastic. Great work.

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My opinion:

  • Maybe have the entire box (the ones that come up in the search) be clickable, instead of just the links.
  • Not a fan of the super bright pink buttons, but it might just be a personal thing.
  • I think fancy fonts are nice for maybe short, main headers or logos or things like that…not sure how I feel about it across the site.
  • Agree with the number thing!