Wikipedia Viewer A

I will try to improve design

The project gets the job done. Good work!

Just a few things to improve it:

  1. The UI looks confusing to me.
    I expected a visible search field, instead I had to click the magnifying glass to open it up.
  2. The search button is on the left and doesn’t help either.
  3. I can’t press enter and get to the results. Would be great not having to click the search button.

I think you should let your users see the input field at first sight or clearly ask them to click the icon to see it; otherwise they could think there’s a bug in your site.

By improving the UX with the above, the site would be gorgeous! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I have improved the UX as I could, hope it makes good impression

Waaaay better!

Just one little tiny thing more:

That extra space on top of the search box. Without it… perfect!

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