Please review my Wikipedia viewer project

I will appreciate any feedback about my project. Please be honest in your evaluation!
Wikipedia Viewer

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Looks good! I like that you add a photo section. One small thing: pressing enter to search doesn’t work.

You right it will make project better from UI point of view!

The “More” button doesn’t work for me and acts oddly when I hover over it coming from inside the purple box listing the article title. The description appears briefly on hover then almost immediately disappears. When I come from it from outside the purple box, it works fine. Also, when I click on “More”, nothing happens. I would expect clicking to open the description.

You also spelled “search” wrong at the top of the page. :slight_smile:

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Looks good. Only problem I had was when hovering the ‘More’ button… It works until your cursor hovers over the actual text in the button (Works when you hover on the button but stops working when your cursor gets over the text inside the button).

Happy Coding!

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First of all thank you for feedback! Yes i know that hover issue harms user experience, i will fix this issue soon maybe replace it by click event.

Thanks for feedback!