My new project || Wikipedia Viewer

Hi! I want to show you my another project.
I would like to get any feedbacks and reviews. May be some advices. Thanks)))
Wikipedia Viewer

Looks nice, I really like the idea. You’re pretty good with CSS.

What I would do is add some more padding to the left and right of the hover effect.

The stylized first letter on the descriptions throws me off a bit, might look better without it.

Just my 2 cents.

Edit: Oh what I think would be really cool is on a second search if instead of the page refreshing, a new page turns with the new search. That sounds like it could take some work, maybe something to come back to.

Nice work!

Hi! Thanks for your feedback!

About paddings - it is good advice. I’ll fix it.
Abou first letter - why does it throw you off a bit?:slight_smile: I’ll think about…
And finally… It is amazing idea about new page!!! Of course it will take some work but project will be perfect with it!!!

Thank you)))