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Hey guys,

I’m total new & dummy to this whole coding and I’m excited to learn more about it however, I can’t even pass the 2nd test which requires me to var myName; i have follow the steps and still say I didn’t do it the right way.

What is the right way to variable myName?

I have tried :-

var myName = "ash";
var myName;
var myName = "ash123";

All the above doesn’t allow me to change, did I missed anything?

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Challenge: Declare JavaScript Variables

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syntax for declaring variable are
1st way : using var keyword;
var variableName = 'value of variable;
examples :
var name = ‘rio’;
var age = 19;
var developer = true;

2nd way ; using let keyword
let variableName = ‘value of variable’;
let name = ‘rio’;
let age = 19;
let developer = true;

3rd way using const keyword:
const variableName = ‘variable value’;
examples :
const name = ‘rio’;
const age = 19;
const coder = true;

HI @dash88 !

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But one of those is the correct answer.
Your answer should on be one line of code.
Not three.

The lesson wants you to just declare the variable not assign a value to it.

Try again with just the variable declaration.

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