Var myStr = "l am a \"double quoted\" string inside \"double quotes\"."; what`s wrong with this

I have tried everything but nothing seems work

Hello there,

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Thank you.

Is it possible that that has to do with your variable declaration?
You use ‘Var’ with uppercase 'V ’ but it must be ‘var’ with lowercase ‘v’!

Even when it is in lowercase,it is not working

ok,sorry for any inconveniences caused

  1. ) I checked it once again and found that something seems to be wrong with your double quotes ( “ ” ). I have replaced them with the right double quotes (" ") and it works fine!
  2. I also have replaced your ‘I’ because wenn I copy your sentence: var myStr = “I am a…” I got ‘l’ (lowercase L) instead of I (uppercase i)!
  3. If you don’t find the " " try simply to copy them from the given string. You can also copy the entire string and add the expected \"....\"
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hey… u copied the line from somewhere else??? seems so…then just type in the quotes only(after removing) again.

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