Verification code

HI i am trying to login to freecodecamp using the new send a code option, over the last two days but have yet to recieve a code. I have tried 3 different email addresses , as well as firefox, chrome and IE browsers on my work phone and home pc. I have checked spam mail etc still no code.

Any ideas, i could try or is the sarevice temporaryily down ?


I have now managed to understand why its not working and that is i had my other accounts automatically forward and delete emails to my main account an account when i take the rule of my gmail account i get the verification code. I then manually forwarded the freecodecamp email to my outlook account and that is received fine. So my account does not get direct emails or auto forwarded emails from freecodecamp. The email address is correct as i do get other emails from my forwarded accounts. maybe something with Microsofts email servers, but as i don’t get the smtp data unable to take it further as i cannot reproduce.

This could just be an account thing with me, but if other outllook users are affected perhaps a bug?