Very Simple Project Question

I have a super, simple, question for those of you have already completed the JavaScript course here.

Are any of the projects at the end of the coursework suitable/possible for me to do after just completing the “Basic JavaScript” portion? If so, which one? With the HTML/Responsive website unit before this, the first projects was suitable after finishing some of the coursework. Wondered if JavaScript is the same in regards to the complexity of the projects. Anyone know?

Are you referring to the five front-end development projects?

Hi @EO4wellness !

All five projects in the javascript section are algorithm challenges.
So you might feel more comfortable trying one of the “projects” after completing the basic algorithm section.

But you can try the palindrome challenge and see.

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The projects at the very end of the 300-hours of study in the JavaScript curriculum.

Thank you so much @jwilkins.oboe for the suggestion. I’ll give that one a try. I had started on the phone validator and feel like my effort is “oh, so close! but not yet successful” --in that wonderful feeling kind of way which is so common to sensing the learning learning curve, and eventually moving beyond it by gaining experience!

There is no need to hurry looking at the final projects, the curriculum will offer you opportunity to put what you learned in action. Occasionally, there are tasks implemented among the tutorials and there are, iirc at least two sections built entirely on challenges, those must be the “Algorithm Scripting” ones.

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