When to start with Javascript Projects?


i have questions . When should i start trying out the Javascript Projects.

  1. Should i complete all the lessons or

  2. when i completed a specific lesson i can start a specific project?

  3. And what are the lessons required for each project?

I came back to Javascript after a break. Well my mind forgot some or alot of the stuff. I am afraid as i go through the lessons i would forgot what i have already learned. I thought i could start with a project to keep my mind fresh. But not sure when i should touch them. Or should i just try with what i know. And when i learn a better code i change the codes in the project.


at what point of the curriculum are you? the projects are advanced algorithms, you may try to do them, but it’s unlikely you would be able to them without going through a good chunk of the challenges, including the algorithm sections

I suggest something like codewars.com instead, you cab start with the easiest algorithms and go toward more difficult ones gradually

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dont hurry starting the projects. Later in the curriculum there are sections dedicated to completing challenges. There you can practice your skills

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I am still in the beginning of Javascript. i reached ES6 then went for hiatus. Returned recently. Starting again from Javascript lesson 1. Refreshing my mind since i forgot some of the stuff.

Thanks for the link. Looks very interesting.

Thanks for the advice :metal:

put the ES6 with one big question mark. You will have to revisit it later occasionally, as it puts some advanced stuff, which are not tought just yet

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I wouldn’t limit it to just algorithms. That just isn’t how applications are built. Check out something like JavaScript30 for some more practical applications of JS as well.

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interesting videos. ill check them out.

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