Stuck in JavaScript

Hello there,
I just finished JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structure course and did all projects except cash register (too difficult for me atm). Even though I finished this course (almost) I feel like I know a lot of fundamentals of JS but I feel like I can’t actually write JS. For example, lot of people are saying that I should start doing my own projects like (calculator etc.) and yes, I tried to make those. Every time I was able to easily do all the easy parts like add css and HTML but I just can’t simply add my knowledge of JS to it. I don’t know how to. So my question is what should I do next to be able to these projects properly? Should I just keep doing those JS courses over and over again? Or should I just look up guides how to do those beginner projects and learn by mostly coping them?

I wouldn’t start those big projects till I have completed more of the curriculum.

You can practice the js code you know by writing small programs.
(For eg when you learn about a new function, write an extra program or two that uses it as practice).

I have a JavaScript course which is a paid course but I got it for free and I wouldn’t mind sharing with you or others but IDK how can I do that as it is 1.34Gb.

Why not start by actually finishing the Cash Register?
If you need some guidance, I am happy to help. Just give me a shout!

Host it on Google Drive and use shareable Link

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