General confusion between me and javascript

Hi all. I am new here, 41 years old, with some experience on programming as a civil engineer, today celebrating 6th month in freecodecamp, finished legacy responsive web design before and started learning javscript since may 22.

Some may say I am too late for programming, some will say I will not succeed, I really don’t care. :man_shrugging:


Today, I am stuck at the last project “Cash Register”. That made me both angry and sad, I felt angry because I couldn’t solve it in my head yet, I felt sad because I should have solved it in my head.

The courses were really challenging, sometimes I could not complete by myself, so I took help, but at last, I was able to find a solution and complete that course after (let’s say) 30 minutes of studying, and at least I was able to understand what I did there.

But I don’t know, is this “Cash Register” really difficult? Is it only about that project?

I had also difficulties in understanding prime numbers, or smallest common multiple. but “Cash Register”.

So a part of the result I felt is that: “I fail at math and calculations” which made me feel a bit uncomfortable as a civil engineer.

Is it so, or am I having those issues totally normal?
Do I need some motivation or do I need someone to shout at 41-years-old-me?

I just wanted to share my feelings with you, so that I can see if anyone here faced some similar consequences before, and advise me on what to do nowadays.

Now I will return to keep trying for finding a solution for Cash Register, and check here after some time (like 5 minutes I guess).

And besides anything else, I don’t know but can I share some of my solutions here in forum, so that you can comment? my solutions are (I guess a bit) chunky but always working correctly, so I will be glad to hear from you if I have to improve myself in some ways.

Anyway, thanks in advance.

I am 41 too, I was student here in 2016 learned algorithms and responsive web design but left in 2017 because I thought it is too difficult for me but again I am here after five years and this time I have earned algorithm certification but I still feel that there is much room for understanding every bit of algorithm challenges and I think this feeling will never go away no matter how much I try to understand them. This is demoralizing, but never give up, there is a quote for this, Striving for perfection demoralizes you and striving for excellence motivates you

Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece Mr. Ghulam,

I admit I must start with Step 6 for now I feel :smile:

I need a little break I guess. (I would offer you a cup of tea if you were around. :coffee: )

Thanks a ton.

hmmm sip sip sip I think you know how much sugar I put in my cup of tea, hmm tasty :grin:

I am still stuck with this project.

For the last two days, I am only and only creating and deleting some variables and losing myself in loops and arrays.

Should I take a leave for a few days and turn back later?

I mean there is a reason why it is the final challenge of the JS curriculum. It isn’t supposed to be easy.

Don’t think of it as one problem but as many smaller problems that come together to solve a single requirement. Stop at each step and make sure you are getting the correct result before moving on to the next part.

Put each problem into words, then explain to yourself how you would solve it. Talk it out with yourself (or talk about it with someone else). Putting a problem into words can be surprisingly effective (rubber duck debugging).

Ask for help on the forum and ask questions about the specific problems you are having trouble solving.

Breaks are good, but I would not wait days. Keep the code and your ideas about how to solve the problem fresh in your mind.

thanks for reminding Cash Register is not supposed to be easy. I really mean it. Thanks, because else, I would be really broken into parts.

I listened to you and I first tried the whole process in my brain, breaking it into smaller parts.

It is really challenging one, which I like, but,

I realized some newer bigger issues in my code, even while writing this message.

I wish I could give a break of days, but I am still working on it without a timeout :slight_smile:

Rubberduck works for me too, I used it while drawing lines and arrows and defining variables on a notebook. Thanks for sharing again.

My question now is,

can i share my solution with you here so that you can criticize it positively?

I had an surgical operation and I need to sit down and wait for some weeks, so I’ve been working on this for the last seven hours without any break, and a total of more than 48 hours I guess.

I think I will need you guidance a lot.

thanks in advance.

You can always share the code you need help with. There are many users that are more than happy to help.

If it is a working solution please use the spoiler tag and blur the code. Make sure you are asking questions that invite a discussion and not just post code and ask “is this good” or some other non-specific question like that.

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