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I very much enjoy the new layout and I’m incredibly appreciative of the new information which clears up
lots of gaps in my knowledge, however I would like to concern you guy with something that greatly inhibits my capacity to learn while coding:

Getting a user response from the JavaScript console.
By this I mean that in the previous iteration of the website the console would return whatever you input, error messages included, and it was judging this output that I could decipher where I may have blundered in my code. With the current console, it returns built-in responses hinting at what the output should be, but it doesn’t return the raw output of whatever you put in. This is counter-intuitive to the way I learn and problem solve, and I was wondering if you guys could allow the console to return the result of whatever raw data that is input.

This has been reported and is being worked on. In the mean time, you can use the browser’s console or a tool like