Vim configuration for Camper

I’m working with a Vim, here a tutorial and why I stopped to use Sublime.

I have a configuration in steroid for student developer.
My config:
a/open a word in MDN directly in your browser (space bar + z)
b/ slip vertical some information about, methods javascript
c/ lint the js with the amazing JsHint
d/ 800 snippets Javascript, easy to edit, with jQuery, Angular, javascript vanilla, reactJs, D3, Require, node, ES6.
and 50 others languages, like Ruby, PHP, etc…

a/ the menu autocomplete show you the precise definition for each item.(TAB and Enter)
b/ your just typing 2 letters to have the menu appear

The key leader is the space bar.

here the repo:
Good luck!

If you use spacebar for your prefix, how do you type spaces?

I like Vim and have a decent setup, but still prefer Sublime Text with Vim mode enabled. There’s nothing I can do in Vim that I can’t do in ST. My console use is mostly just for running servers, scripts, and utilities.

It’s in visual mode only the space barre
ex: if you want to open a link in your file, you do (space + l) or a word in google(space + o) or for the mdn (space + z).
you have to be on the word, so it’s really fast

other use, is to save a file, I’m using space + w and space + q to quit…

But you can replace this mapping by any key you want, but you need one.
In the file .vimrc at line 204:
"I get the idea from here
let mapleader = “<Space>”

example, if you writing (in insert mode), your writing
and a menu appears, your navigate to each with a ‘Tab’, and typing ‘Enter’ that’s written for you:

  obj.each(function (index) {
    this.innerHTML = this + " is the element, " + index + " is the position";

then navigate with Ctrl-k to go between the word.
Then in the visual mode you can put the cursor on each and do: Ctrl + z, that going to open your browser in the mdn documentation.

you can start writing ./ to have the list of your file.
ex: index.PHP, css/…
I change some configuration please re-clone the repo.

I’m advice to remap the escape touch, with karabiner for mac.
I’m using the Cap to escape.

Here a tuto for the autocompletion with Javascript I’m using to mine

By the wat this guy was using Sublime, but have to work faster and so change the editor, is not choice.
The fast your work the better your are