Visual Studio Code - Output Display Help

Hi, I have recently started using Visual Studio Code and have this small issue with display.

I can’t disable

//actual code here

[Done] …

Can somebody please advise how to disable [Running] [Done] :slight_smile:
i am using Windows version.

I’m confused as to what you are trying to do.

I just want it to not show [Running] and [Done] between the executed code.
I could not find configuration in settings for that. :frowning:

I’m not sure if you can… or why you would want to. That’s a log that tells you what file is running and when it completes.

Its just annoying not necessarily useful

I tried poking around on Google, as well, and couldn’t find anything to turn that off.
As @ArielLeslie stated, the purpose of the running and done is to show you what file is running, when it starts, and when it ends.
If your code doesn’t print anything to the console, for example, you’d have no way to tell if it ran (without those two lines).

Makes sense but I have seen someone on the iOS using Visual Studio Code and Running Done was disabled. So, I was wondering why I could not I do that too

It’s possible that they were running the code in a different way. If you are running it directly from the console, it will probably only print the information generated by your code.

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How would you suggest me to run it directly from the console? Sorry if its newbie questions but I am a newbie in this regard