Visual Studio Code

Does anyone use Visual Studio Code?

I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately.

i been using for the last week , it think it aims for .net developers but anyone can use it it has great syntax completion!

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Yes ! I was using a demo version of Sublime text for the last… 2 years (shame). I really loved Sublime, but the job wouldn’t buy this for my daily tasks. This is when VIsual studio code popped. I had some frustrating moments as I really like multi-line edits and really quick stuff in Sublime, but VSC had alternatives to almost all my chores.

I’m currently using some extension that I would want to contribute on. VSC extensions are either coded in Typescript or JS, and Sublime was all Python. SO, contributing to VSC could help me learn a new API while contributing to tools I use daily !

It’s a really nice app (and free too !)

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Good to know! Yeah, I’m using Sublime and definitely don’t have much to complain about it which is why when I kept hearing Atom and Sublime users saying they switched to VCS I thought there must be something promising behind it.

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It looks pretty sweet. I use Visual Studio Community for my C# programming and Notepad++ for HTML, CSS, and JS… Does anyone know if theres a point in getting VSC If I already have those 2?

From looking at the page there, it seems like a Notepad++ except with the upgraded functions of MS’s Visual Studio Suite. For those of you who have it, is that what it is? Are there any nice features for JS that I can’t get with Notepad++?

@P1xt Shoot, it looks like it is! I never realized this. Bummer because it’s amazing. I like it for all of the stuff that doesn’t need to be compiled because its super lightweight and customizable. For example, I have plugins that autosave when I switch windows so when Im working on a webpage, I can simply hit Alt+tab and then refresh the page and I dont even have to worry about saving my changes, they will automatically be saved when the window is minimized. I also have syntax plugins, auto-close on my tags, HTML preview (so I dont even NEED to use a web browser), and stuff like this. I also love that unless I specifically close tabs, it automatically re-opens all of my projects the next time I open the program.

Kinda sounds similar actually based upon your second paragraph there. I just love Notepad++ because it’s not a memory hog like Visual Studio for simple tasks like scripting and markup. In fact, sometimes I use VS Express even though I have VS because I get sick of the full version of VS hogging up so much memory when it’s not needed lol.

@P1xt I agree honestly. You really don’t NEED VS to code with C# but it’s helpful. Admittedly, I do like the features VS offers but for most small things, it’s overkill. I find VS Express to be significantly better for most of my mundane projects lol… But I could see how if someone was developing World of Warcraft or something, full-blown VS would be nice… Also, someday when I get a new laptop with like 16+GB RAM, I suppose it wont be a big deal anymore.

@P1xt Haha I think I might jump on that bandwagon. I used to be a die-hard Windows fan but I’m not sure I like the direction Microsoft is going now… And I have a strange gut feeling that they might get blown out by Apple if Apple were to choose to start making lower-priced devices…

I definitely don’t like the bothersome Windows upgrading (thank God I found an app to disable Windows 10 upgrade offers) and I’m not sure I like the new platform. Maybe I’m just too old school lol.

@P1xt I’ve got a friend working at Mozilla who now uses exclusively cloud9 as IDE, and has got absolutely nothing installed on his PC except for browsers. Do you recommend using an IDE native or in the cloud? I’ve started using Cloud9 and Visual Studio Code and I’m hesitating. Thx for your help ;).

Using it now and I like it a lot more than Atom or even Sublime… I still use Komodo but shifting to VSC for some web-dev task.

@P1xt Thx for the pragmatic and no-nonsense advice, that I’ll follow :slight_smile: