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I am working on making a website but when I try to put an image in it turns out to be about 25 % the size of a postage stamp. I hope you all are having a great fourth. If someone can after the holiday help me out. Thank you

When asking a question for help on your code its best to provide the code you have a question about. Without it we cant help because we have no idea what you are doing, trying to do, etc in terms of the code yo have

Ths is the code.

Your image does not work. Please dont try and post images of the code. Use the format button and paste the actual code for us to see

I did post the code and the system turned it into that image

This is the code you posted

 <img src=""  ></a>

This does not help us. We need to see everything, because the code you posted looks incomplete. You have a closing anchor tag but theres no beginning anchor tag in what you shared. Show us all your css and all your html

Does the image element have a closing?

Please show us all your code

!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>How to cure hiccups</h1><main>
<h2> A cure that really works if you do it right.</h2>

<p>Some times hiccups seems as if they will never go away. However you can get the 
    answer from this website.</p>
    <a href="">Hiccups</a>
<p>Don't be like this guy.</p>
<a href="">Wrong</main></a>
<P> This guy never has hiccups.</P>
<img src=""  >
<p> Please give to the salvation army if you can afford it.Here is a link.</p>
<a href="">Salvation Army</a>

<footer> Have a blessed day.</footer>

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How did you get this url?

<img src="">

You are trying to point to a google result page, and not an actual image. This is why the image is not appearing

I did a search on google images and the internet said I could get a link from there. I also need to get into my profile and I can’t.

It looks like you copied the wrong thing. The actual url you are using is not an image but a result page from a google search so the current url needs to be removed. You should be able to left click on the image and select “copy image address” and use the url that gives you. Or, you could save the image to a folder and use a free hosting site and use the url that gives. Plenty of options

Thank you. What about getting into my profile?

Your google profile? You are probably going to have message the actual support from google

No sir my profile with freecodecamp.

Ahh. I forget that the learning and forum profiles are separate. That I am not sure, but you can make a topic in the support part of the forum, and im sure someone can help you out

Thank you mister Biggs.

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