Visualizing the code

Hey fellow campers,

Is it good to visualize the code when you get stuck in the challenge?
i have been using to visualize.

Have a good day.

FCC has a very nice area (Get a Hint button) with suggested solutions AND an explanation about the challenge. If I get stuck I will try to understand their explanation and try to do the challenge again a few days after, just to make sure I understood the concept.

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Hello @prayagd welcome to the forum community :slightly_smiling_face:

If it helps you to understand better of how the concept of a particular code works, then yes. I use it as well when I am learning Javascript, and I can say this is a great tool because I feel I understand better about what is happening under the hood. However, not always this tool will solve everything that I am stuck on.

What I mean is at the end of the day, in order to learn to code successfully is to be adaptable with resources to learn about something and do lots of experimenting.

For example, if I was learning about callback function in a challenge, then I could look up for a simplified explanation about it and then try it out in the to see how it works under the hood. Or, I could be learning about for and while loops and look it up at, see their examples and then try it out in the Chrome developer console tool. If I was learning about AJAX, I probably either watch a Youtube video or read up an FFC article.

If I happen to still get stuck and that set of learning routine is not working, then I switch to a different approach (i.e If the visualiser tool doesn’t help, ask a question here in this helpful community or vice-versa).

The bottom line is it is okay to use other resources to learn in-depth of a particular code. In fact, it is better and this is why I love FCC and its curriculum, it is like a guide and a help to learn to code in the right direction (without feeling the pressure of getting it done within the time limit).

I hope this will answer your question :slight_smile:

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Thank you This is what i was looking for.

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You are welcome. I am glad to hear this has helped. :slight_smile:

Happy coding! :computer: :computer_mouse: