Volgen cursus amateur aanpassing

Geachte leden,
Ik heb steeds problemen met het volgen van de cursus.
Dit met name

en het plaatsen van de extra tekst.
Ik kom maar niet verder.
Ook via een hint kom ik er niet uit.
Het zou jammer zijn als ik daarom deze cursus niet meer kan volgen.
Misschien ben ik niet op de hoogte van alle aanwijzingen en/of tips.
Het zou leuk zijn als ik alsnog wat persoonlijke aanwijzingen kan krijgen.

Ik spreen geen Nederlands. Spreken u engels?

I can speek English, but not so good,

Many users on this forum use English. Have you tried joining the local Facebook group in The Netherlands or Belgium?

Hallo @vipatron,
Thanks for your response,
I have now the translationoptie installed to de English verion.
I don’t want a link at Facbook.

Is there a specific challenge waypoint with which you are having trouble? Please include a link, a description of your problem, and what you have already tried.

Edit: to be clear, I wasn’t trying to pass you off on a different forum. It’s useful to be able to talk with local students who also speak your language (that’s what you’ll be doing if you get a job). I will try to help you, but I still highly recommend that you join your local Freecodecamp community

I tried the cursus. unfortenetly gives the chouse 6 not a solution that I can place.
My problem is: Give 2 <p> to add a text.

I have also problems with my text that I send to you and not all of it.

Can you read my English now?

Is there a lid of this forum that I can reach in the Netherlands?

Can you give me some reaction?
Or I close this session.

This is a forum, not a live chat. So, it’s unreasonable to expect an immediate response. Also, you’re replying to yourself, not me, so I’m not getting notified.

But, beyond that, I cannot understand what you are saying. Again, I urge you to get in touch with a Netherlandish FCC group. The group in Amsterdam had someone posting on it yesterday.

You have not written what challenge you have trouble with nor your code

But writing in your own language will help you more if you have a low grasp of English

Hallo @ilenia,
I have tried to folow the cursus.
My problem is at if I wil contiuning the step: Introduction to HTML5 Elements,
I can not find a hint how I can do it.
Mabey I can stop your site, because I have not enough knowedge.

You don’t need knowledge to start this, just English knowledge if there is not an fcc version in your language and a compatible browser. If you are stuck you can use the “Ask for help” button which will create a thread with your code, formatted in a way that can still be read after sending the message, included and the link to the challenge
This forum is for people to ask for help, never be afraid to ask for help!

If you want more knowledge before starting you could follow a computer science course, for example these Harvard courses

Mabye it is to difficult for me to follow your site.
I only was ineresting how I could as an amateur to get some knowledge.
Thanks for your time and interesting.

Many amateurs start with FCC, I think the issue is more a language barrier - try to find a web developing book in your native language, or an online course. It is difficult to learn something if you don’t know well the language in which it is taught

Thanks for your respons.
Still I cant find a sulution to ad a second

So I think I have not enough capacitie to follow “cursus”.
Mabye goodbye

We can’t help you if you not post your code

It may just be that your browser is not compatible and you need to try a new one

What browser are you using? The recommended ones are Firefox and a google Chrome

What is your code? Use the </> button to format your code so that it is visible

What is the challenge?

Hallo Gerard,

Ik lees je vraag, maar begrijp niet helemaal waar je vastloopt. Kun je het wat meer beschrijven? Dan kan ik met je meedenken over deze site of over andere sites waar je html en css kunt leren.


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