Volunteer Coding

Hello Community, I am new in the coding world, and I need to make my portfolio. I was thinking in be a coding volunteer, and help an organization with his IT needs. Could be a good deal for them ( because I am free ) and for me ( i make my portfolio in the real world ).
Someone knew a place to find this kind of organization´s.
Thank you for reading!

No organization with a working business website would hand over the keys of their website to someone a) they don’t know, b) don’t have experience.

I suggest just creating fictional company websites, and once you have working demo sites, then approach businesses in your area, show them your work, and ask them if you can re-design their website in exchange for some testimonials and referrals.

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Thanks, Owel for your response. I like your tip!, I will try with your approach.

I am creating 200 landing pages for https://www.startupschool.org/ founders for free, if you know html , google, and css you can help.

Thanks for your answer and help!.
I knew CSS, Html and I want to code.
Please tell how to proceed to start with the Landing Pages pages projects.

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join our discord server on w3develops.org and then send me a message. My name is @.jonathan on the server. You can also reach me at w3develops@gmail.com but I have quite a a backog there at the moment.