Projects - do not know how to start my own website... lost in codes

Hi All,

Please could you help and tell me where are some projects I could practice codes I have learnt? I feel like I understand the codes but if I would need to build the website from the scratch I do not know how to even start :frowning: Was thinking maybe if I practice on a real example I will understand more… I would like to build a simple website but have no idea where to start :frowning: Please could you help? Thank you very much.

Have you tried doing the tribute page project? It’s fairly simple.

Sorry I cannot find any projects, please could you direct me where I can find it?

oh these ones! thank you very much for this.
Please could I ask you another question? You are so helpful.

  1. Can I post these on GitHub as part of my portfolio but add that I learnt the codes from freecodecamp?
  2. Do I have to finish everything, all codes from freecodecamp to be able to create my own website?
  1. Sure. You made those. Add them to your portfolio.
  2. What you learn from freeCodeCamp is only introductory, but enough to get you started on making your own website.
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Thank you very much :slight_smile: