VS code intellisense of node.js libraries

in my computer is installed node js and npm .
Node version is:

npm version is 6.11.2 .

If, in last version of VS code,
I write a simple app.js file like:

const fs = require(‘fs’);
const readStream = fs.

at this point vs code intellisense does not display me
all the possibility (for example it does not visualize “createReadStream” that is included in node js library) .

How Can I do to solve the issue ?

I also installed the following extensions (but I did not solve the issue):

Node.js Extension Pack ver. 0.1.9
npm support for VS Code ver. 0.3.9
Node.js Modules Intellisense (with Coffee) ver. 1.6.0
Search node_modules ver. 1.3.0