Vs-code intellisense help?

some times ago I run this ** find . -type d -name node_modules -prune -exec rm -rf {} \;** command to delete all node_modules folders in my system but after I did this my vs-code intellisense or emmet isn’t working for javascript, my vs code does not show any suggetions for nodejs or simply commonjs files can anybody help me, plzzz?

Well VSCode is going to try and use those programs, but you’ve deleted them, so you’re going to have to reinstall them

How do I reinstall them cause I don’t know about these programs?

I don’t know, you’ll have to look at the documentation – it’s specific for each tool. Each {thing} in VSCode has settings. If you’ve deleted all the node modules on your computer, then each tool that uses a JS program to run (eslint for example) is not going to work. Just uninstalling and reinstalling VSCode (and the plugins you are using) should give you defaults back

I did this, I’m reinstalled my vs-code and now everything is working fine.


Yep, bit of a pain but that’s generally easiest way. With mass node module deleting, I would restrict it in future to just folders that you know aren’t going to have application stuff in

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