VS Code is driving me crazy; how to prevent autocomplete suggestions

Hi, there is annoying utility of VS code, which i try to fit to be comfortable for me to use, but i cant find a solution. Very often, when i type a single word(coding js) suggestions of what im about to type show up and thats totally fine, more often then not, they are correct and i hit enter to put the entire word, or id go thru the suggestions and choose the one i need(e.g. “querySelectorAll”, when i started type “quer…”). The problem is, its super persistent and autocompletes what i intend to type, even when the suggestion is not correct. For example i start typing “grid” and this is what i indent to put, but as soon as i hit space, or dot, or whatever, to attach a method to it, something like “CanavasGradient” will pop up and replace my word. In the settings i found the option ‘JavaScript> Suggest: Enabled’, if i disable it, the problem solves, but i no longer have access to suggestions, e.g. if i would like to type the “querySelector”, it does not suggest it. Cant i let suggestions replace my word, only when i hit enter?

If you just finish typing and hit the space bar, it should accept the word you typed. Tab or Enter will accept the currently selected intelisense option. If you would like the suggestions to go away while you are typing or you want to be able to hit something like Tab or ; then you can hit Esc. If you are happily typing along and it auto-changes for you before you catch it, you can use Ctrl + Z to undo the auto-correct.

but, the problem is, it always picks the word it suggests, regardless of what button i follow up(space/dot etc). For example, i type “grid”, then hit space and it inserts the first suggestion in line, which is “CanavasGradient” in the case.
I could only figure out how to turn off the entire module, which is not convenient, as i would need to type everything manually.

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