Vs code source control is showing 5k chages

how can i clar the sorce control on my vs code?, i just finished making my survey form project but now the source control says that it has over 5k changes

5k changes are different than 5k files.

The most likely candidate is vscode is tracking changes within node_modules, or you repo is tracking more than just your project code.

The best way to fix this is to create/update a .gitignore file in the root folder of your repo. This will tell git to now track specific folders.
For example creating a .gitignore file and adding:


will prevent git and thus vscode from keeping track of “changes” in this folder.

main docs on the .gitignore file:

However, if you already committed these files you might have to take other steps to remove these files from your history. As even if you tell git to ignore them from now on, they are still kept track of “in the past”. This problem requires you to essentially tell git to ignore changes in the past. Since this is more complex than above I wont go over it unless that is actually a problem :slight_smile:


I found the solution!!! apparently it wasn’t a .gitignore solution what it seems is that i made my user file a ropo so i had to go to that file on my mcbook-pro and click shift + command + dot (.) to show a hidden files then there was a .git hidden file i had to use a mouse cause it wound’t let me click to delete it but once i used both track pad and the mouse to deleted it i closed vscode and re open it, the issue was gone,

just so you might want to have a deeper understanding of what happened in future the solution you did was kinda removing git from your project if I have understood correctly. By deleting .git, you’re deleting git code so it won’t track your project anymore.

It’s really up to you if you want to have git on your project or not but in case you wanted to keep the git What @bradtaniguchi was suggesting is the right solution.

Good luck! :call_me_hand: