Wanna change the Circle Image location

I’m just trying to change the position of my circle logo from right to the most left position but the padding property did not work for me… Here’s my complete code: Vanilla-web-projects/Home.html at master · naima-shk/Vanilla-web-projects · GitHub
Here’s the screenshot of my running code :

Hi @naimiii ,

The problem lies with the ‘padding-left: 1250px;’ attribute for the img selector in your css code. This makes both the images shown above in your page, to move to the right.
What you could do is as below:

  1. delete this attribute from img
  2. give a class to your ‘Lets Code’ image and assign this padding -left attribute to it.
  3. Also, delete you padding right attribute in your img selector at the end of your code.

Thus, the circle logo will move to left and the ‘Let’s Code’ image will remain in its original position.

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