Ways to contribute to FCC that don't involve heavy Git knowledge?

I want to contribute so bad, I think I’m ready but I’m still a beginner with version control… all I know how to do is commit, push, pull and add haha (and maybe super basic branching) for personal projects.

What can I do to contribute to FCC that doesn’t require me to be a git ninja?

I’m particularly interested in helping with the curriculum expansion, do I only have to reply this issue with a challenge and the code (plus tests and description)? or is there something more?

Why don’t you fork it and start developing something locally? Someone will be in charge of the main line I would imagine.

The main codebase is very complex, I don’t think I have enough level to fork FCC and use it locally yet.
I want to contribute in other ways, I’m sure there are other ways.

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Really valuable, non-code contributions include:

  • Answer calls for help on this forum regularly
  • Offer constructive feedback on the work of others in the Project Feedback category
  • Write up something that has helped you and submit it to freeCodeCamp’s Medium publication
  • Add closed captions (subtitles) to the freeCodeCamp YouTube videos
  • Create YouTube content for freeCodeCamp explaining important concepts
  • Revive the freeCodeCamp Meetup in your area - if there isn’t one, make one, if it doesn’t need reviving, go and offer up lightning talks and make your job making other new comers feel super comfortable.

@luishendrix92 try taking this github course on Udacity.


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I saw your GitHub profile and it looks like you have been using it for years. Maybe you are underestimating your skills. Just dive in and break stuff locally until you figure it out and I’m sure you can contribute something in no time.

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Oh that caught my eye.Anyone have a tutorial on that.It’d be useful to me in other projects as well.

It’s pretty easy.

On YouTube videos there is a button for captions that also includes an option to submit your own.

As you start, select the option to use the auto / suggested captions, and then from there you’re mostly correcting typos :slight_smile:

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