Weathe app doesn't work on codepen

Heelo everyone,
i have some issues with my app on codepen it dosn’t work there but it work nicely in localhost, i have changed https to http but still not working.
this is link to my codepen account.
thx for helpping me to find the bug

Works for me but check the browser console.

You are requesting images over http.

thanks for replaying i had solved this problem i just added https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/ to my url

ive been having similar problem what do i need to do with this link???

Just add it in front of the url of the api you are using.
e.g. https://cors-anywhere.herokuapp.com/http://api-that-does-not-have-ssl/

i can only get through to the weather api from codepen debugger. i even tried hosting the page on git pages to no avail. i do not understand. ill give this a shot though.