Weather app critique!

Let me know what you think!

Hi friend! I’m new in here, but this are my bullets;

-Can’t see the Temperature, only date
-Speaking of Date, it shows GMT-0500, I’m from México, I think should be GMT-0600
-Initially can’t see only the cloudy background, need to scroll down to see the App
-Don’t see location, neither.

Hope it helps!


It’s not showing temp or weather.

If it not returning a value, maybe you could set a default location just so something shows up.

Just a guess and I hope it helps!

I put a note at the bottom that said it only works on HTTP:

any thoughts on on why you need to scroll?

I am using http, but it doesn’t work for me(

Ahhh! I couldn’t see the http note at first! When I open it full screen it looks fine! What would happen if you made the font size dependent on the window size? Maybe that would help with the scrolling?

Check out