[Weather App] Feedback appreciated

[Weather App] Feedback appreciated
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I actually finished this almost a month ago, what do you guys think?
Is there anything I should improve?

URL : https://codepen.io/4RU/pen/OvdMxz


For me, the app reports the right location and temp. Nice, responsive, well done. :+1:


Same here! Great job.


I like how it looks! Really cool!
In my case the first time I loaded it and it said “Unable to get location” but that’s not because my browser doesn’t support it, it’s because I had the setting turned off. Mobile Safari. Maybe that’s useful feedback for the user (“Unable to get your location. Are your location settings turned on?”) or something.

So I turned on location. The app looks nice, although it came up with a strange city I’ve never heard of for my location. I’m in Japan and that’s likely the fault of the API and there’s nothing you can do. I don’t know what the scope of that project is but in real life I’d probably confirm the location with the user or have a way for them to customize the location.

One thing I don’t understand is the bottom. There’s a bottom bar with a triangle, circle, and square aligned more to the right. Doesn’t do anything. Design-wise doesn’t seem to fit… is it there for a reason?

Overall nice job! Responsiveness is good! I like how it looks! :slight_smile:


Great work! I like the Design.


Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll keep that in mind. The thing in the bottom is google pixel navbar, I was trying imitate the android app feel :grin: