Weather-app feedback

Hi, everyone, I would love to get feedback on my weather-app project. I have used react library.
For styling I have used SCSS.
I would like to get some improvements ideas. The background changes with different temperature or weather conditions such as when it snows or it’s a hot sunny day or cloudy.
Also,I would love to have some feedback on responsiveness of the app.


Just a few suggestions real quick:

  • You really need a <label> for the <input>
  • I can’t read the place holder text because there is not enough contrast with the input background color. Use the WebAIM color contrast checker to make sure your contrast levels are accessible.
  • I think the search should be activated when the enter key is pressed while focus is in the input instead of forcing the user to click on the magnifying glass.
  • The <button> needs text associated with it so that screen readers know how to announce it. You can visually hide this text so it won’t show up on the page.
  • You might think about allowing the user to specify either F or C for temps.
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Thanks for your feedback. Those are some really helpful suggestions and I will try improving user input for the app.

Personally, I would like buttons that allow me to choose the units (imperial or metric). Also, an issue if found was after I entered in a city’s name misspelled, it brought up the quote bubble saying “please try again.” so I tried to re-enter a city but this time spelled correctly and it would not do anything. Hope that helps!

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Thanks for that input. I will work on misspelled place names.

Your app looks good. Congratulations!
As a feedback,

  1. I dont know why when I have an error in searching , this bug appears, and I cannot continue.

2.I would suggest you to add a Celsius-Fahrenheit equivalence. :wink:
3. I would also suggest you to check your location assigner.

Good Job!
Keep going on.
Best Wishes

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