Weather app feedback

Please have a look at my weather app. What should I change, any bugs, mistakes?Feel free to criticize.Thank you!
Debug view -
Editor view -


Wow! Awesome search bar you have there! :thumbsup: It literally made me say “Wow!”

Some points I found:

  • The colors for toggling °F to °C, etc. are a bit misleading (since you have a blue colored link at the bottom). Consider making the inactive option giving a pale/grayish color, and the active option the same orange-ish color so it stands out better.
  • Just a matter of personal taste, but I’d avoid enlarging link text on hover. Consider giving it a brighter color instead.

Thank you for the constructive feedback. Ive just made some little changes=)

That looks sleek :slight_smile:

Two things you might have missed:

  1. The degree and MPH switches do not work on the initially shown location. Only after you search for some city.
  2. There is no element of getting the user’s current location, so it misses one of the user stories. Either the location at start could be determined by user location, or you could add a “find me”-type option to search.

Thank you! I have tried to sort it out.=) Less bugs are out there! ps. current location weather - on clicking logo(chicken image=)