Weather App not working on phone

I am working on the Weather App and it is working in Safari, FireFox and Chrome however it is not working on my phone. I am wondering if that is because I am using HTML5 Geolocation or if there is something wrong with my code that needs to be fixed. Here is the link to my CodePen

Did you disable location services on your phone? What about in privacy, is Safari allowed to access location? Also if you have the extra time you should consider adding an IP Address to Location failover (basically if GeoLocation is refused, use the IP Address to get a close zipcode and display it’s information instead).

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Thank you so much! I must have done that at some point. I just enabled it and it is working now. Thank you again for your help and for the recommendation!

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Glad this got solved, be sure to let us know if you have any further questions :slight_smile: