Weather Project - Feedback

Hey guys, how is going?

I’ve just finished my weather project, it was hard to me and I’ve learnt a lot. Every image was made by me and with full css. I would love a feedback from you guys, I going to put commentaries on the code but for now is it.

PS: Sometimes it shows “Shuzenji/JP”, I really don’t know why, maybe it’s because of the FCC API, cause occurs the same with the example of FCC.

Thank you for everything :grin:

Hello? Can anyone give me a feedback, positive or negative?

I am not 100% positive without doing a lot of testing of your site, but it could be the window.location.reload(true); part. You actually do not need to reload the page to get the weather again. You only need to make a call to the weather API when the button is called and display the weather. You will have to modify some of your logic, but I suggest trying this instead of using the window.location.reload(true);