WeatherApp (all comments are welcome)

It’s not something special, I am a beginner so give me some suggestions pls :smiley:
Wheater App by Maksim

I have some indication that your conversion degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit is not correct.

And what if geolocation is not allowed by the user. How do you cope with it? And what do you do if the geolocation is not the same as the users location?

I don’t have suggestions for the markup. I am struggling on that part myself.

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Oh yeah, thanks for letting me know that conversion was wrong, I fixed that. unfortunately if user doesnt allow geolaction you can’t get longitude and latitude so this kind of solution wont work but you can use some othe API where user can type in city name instead of allowind geolocation and thats it. Khm i saw that sometimes it shows wrong location but thats because this kind of solution is not accurate 100%.