Web design book recommendations

Hi all,

I’m currently teaching myself web development and i’m looking to learn a bit more about the design aspect of it.

I’m looking for book (or tbh any resource) that explains the principles of good web design, not the coding of websites (or how to make them) but more focussed on the look, layout, colours, typography etc.
At the moment I feel like I know how to make sites reasonably well but I could with some pointers on how to make them look good.

I was wondering if anyone had read or watched any resources they could recommend. Bonus points if they include advice on novel and creative designs.
Any help is much appreciated

Anything by Smashing Magazine is exceptional in regards to your requested topics. They have physical and digital media (pay for books individually or subscribe for access to all of their ebooks), although their RSS / Atom feed is well worth following for plenty of useful free content.

There is also Envato Tuts+ which covers a broader range of topics, from code to design / illustration etc. Plenty of free tutorials available here. They have many RSS / Atom feeds for different subjects, these are also well worth digging through to follow the subjects that you are most interested in. I do believe that a subscription to their service also includes access to the Smashing Magazine content too, though you’d have to double check that.

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Thanks, that’s really helpful.

Have you bought anything specifically from either site that you would recommend?

Smashing Magazine looks good but it’s a bit pricey, and it looks like even if you are a member you still have to pay $20 for each eBook?
Maybe my best option would be to get the whole library for $99 but that’s quite a big outlay.

Thanks again for your help!

The Zen of CSS Design: Visual Enlightenment for the Web [Book]

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looks good - thank you!