Books on design principles

Hi there, I was wondering if anyboy knows of any good web design books onweb design principles:
Something that discusses the design process, ie.- layout, typography, colour, font, etc

So that when i work on clients sites , I can come up with a strategy and plan for style guides, etc.
many thanks in advance

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This reading list might get you started:

im only looking for one book, got lots of web design books. lol

This has served me well for past 2 decades now.

I’m rather a fan of this book myself. Nothing to do with web design or UX, just plain old visual art.

Not a book, but pretty good:

This may be what you looking for, all about web/UI/UX/graphic/etc design.

Also if you want to come up with strategy, plan for styles guides, mockups etc, then I would suggest you to learn Sketch [paid] or Adobe XD [free] or Figma [free].

Thank you for all those suggestions :+1::+1::+1:

Im still really confused!!!

looking for a book that will help me layout a well planed website with:


Why would you still want a book if you can learn and find all of that on in the web for free?

But if you still are interested in a book, it is only a matter of search and research on Amazon by reading the content of the book and also the reviews.

Those who search always find. :wink:

thnx a lot for the helpful source

I purchased in the end: “A non designers design book”

Well If you doesn’t have ANY design background (like me), instead of going to Large and Technical books, etc, do youself a favor and get this one, it’s pretty straight to the point with examples, easy to read, worth every penny:

(You can download a sample at the website)

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