Would you recommend these books to begin learning web design? "Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery Set by Jon Duckett"

I have seen reviews that as fantastic as these books are, they are outdated and do not give an insight into mobile responsive design which is an important aspect of web design.

Would you suggest I still get these books and learn responsive design at a later date?

If not, can anyone recommend any books that I can purchase?



i find that it is too graphical with too little information per page. I suggest choosing any of the Wiley books.

The book I recommend is this: Pro HTML5 and CSS3 design patterns by Michael Bowers. super useful, full of information , rules the dos and don’ts when it comes to css and HTML.

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The book is from 2011 - will it still be relevant and will it have responsive design included?

Responsive design??? Nope.
But, for beginner it is a super informative book.

I ask myself a lot of questions like what’s the diff between margin and padding, if something looks weird is it the margin? Or the padding??? What kind of elements have margin, what does not??? All the answers are in this book. At least for me it is worth it. You can download it onliine, if you want one copy pm me. lol