Is the Jon Duckett book for html and css out of date?

I just got the Jon Duckett Html and Css book its very insightful but in the beginning of the book it said that Html5 still was being developed so is the so is some of the information invalid also if someone would tell me which sections of the book are invalid i would really appreciate that

Hi @Roche5412. Welcome to FCC.
When was the book published? HTML5 is stable as far as I know.

@Roche5412 Welcome to the FreeCodeCamp Forums! Glad to have you here! I would say that some of these books may be a bit outdated but they are still a good read. The book will probably teach you about the web and how it all works and stuff so I would say go ahead and read it! Happy reading/coding! :smile:

it was made in 2011
i just googled it

I have not read any HTML books much less the one you mentioned. 2011 is almost 10 years old. Like @landon.h.lloyd mentioned it must be outdated but it can still have some useful information.

ok thanks for the information

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I think this is one of the best books on HTML and CSS. Jon Duckett did a great job explaning things. I would still recommend it but you’ll need to learn about Flexbox or CSS Grid somewhere else. Most of this book is still relevant.

ok thanks do you no a good to place to learn flexbox and css grid?

To be honest I prefer video courses on topics like CSS.
If you’re interested I’d recommend free courses by Wes Bos: CSS Grid and Flexbox.
And there are great guides on CSS Grid and Flexbox

ok thanks for that it looks pretty usful

So it can be used for learning the basics? i have this book too

yea just not css grid and flexbox

I am wondering about the Jon Duckett’s html+css and js+jquery books also.
They were made in 2014. They seem out of date to me, but many people are saying they are still very good.

I’m a new programmer, so I could do with some help to reference.

the most up to date thing you can use as reference is online documentation, like