Recommended books for HTML and CSS?

I would like something concrete to refer to as I go through these challenges and watch videos. I saw the guide to code books but did not see any for html or CSS.

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you could reference the documentation on the MDN



Thank you very much. I will.

This is a really good and very popular book on html and css. I’ve used it often. Jon Duckett is an excellent teacher.
Be careful with the paperback version. It might fall apart. Mine does. I still love the book, but next time I’ll buy the hardcover version.


I think the Duckett book on HTML and CSS is great and still very relevant. There’s a second Duckett book on JS & jQuery that I would avoid, as I believe it is definitely out of date at this time.

I was just eyeing it online and wondering if I should get it…Now I will. Thank you.

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Thanks for the heads up.

I second this - I use this book all the time. Sometimes I just need a break from the screen to read a physical book. It is a beautifully printed book with excellent images that break down the concepts with clear diagrams. My edition doesn’t cover Flexbox or Grid as they weren’t implemented at the time of print (not sure if that has changed). However, the book covers all the solid fundamentals of HTML/CSS - and the grid concepts he covers are excellent to learn about positioning using floats, relative positioning etc.

EDIT: mine is the 2011 paperback version - buy the hardcover - its a 2014 ed.
I don’t know if the contents are different (Amazon only shows the paperback T.O.C) but for the price difference I’d get the hardcover anyway - the paperback is not as durable.

Q: Does anyone have the T.O.C for the hardcover? I’d buy it if it was updated for sure.

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hi. I got the hardback. It was the same price as the paperback.!? It was published in 2014 but I don’t know if it’s updated. This is all completely new to me. Tell me what it would include if it were updated and I’ll be able to answer you.

I was wondering if the had any sections on Flexbox and Grid?

Hi. I answered yesterday but got a new notice today of your question. The hardback does not have Flexbox at all and has something called the 960 pixel grid.

okay thanks - it seems like its the same contents as the paperback but in hardback.

According to Coder-Coder, best HTML and CSS book is HTML & CSS, and JavaScript & JQuery (2 book set) by Jon Duckett.

Moreover, I have some other names to suggest here which are

  • CSS Pocket Reference: Visual Presentation for the Web
  • CSS: The Missing Manual
  • Learning Web Design
  • HTML5 for Web Designers
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HTML & CSS by John Duckett. Highly recommended.

W3 School website is best option to learn and its free of cost