Web designer or Web Developer

Web designer or Web Developer
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Hi! If given a choice to choose one . which one would you choose and why

Web designer or Web developer


Here’s my personal take on it… take it with grain of salt. Background: I’ve been making websites ever since '95/96.

We used to be called just plain “Web Designers”… i.e. people who designed and created the website.

This is to distinguish us from people who just maintain content and update the site… who are called “Webmasters.” We look down upon those people HA! :slight_smile:

And then within the group of Web Designers, it’s usually splintered into two groups… the techie kind, and the artistic kind. The techie kind of Web Designers look down on the artistic kind of Web Designer, and vice versa. The artistic Web Designers look down on techie Web Designers that only know HTML/CGI/Perl and don’t know squat about design or color theory.

Then within the techie group of Web Designers, it’s further splintered… those who can make database-driven websites, and those that just do static websites. The Web Designers that can make database-driven websites look down on those group that can only make static websites. The static website guys… well, they’re still looked down upon by everybody these days.

It’s at this point that perhaps “Web Designer” label wasn’t enough to distinguish between these 2 group. So now people start calling those that can code business logic and databases the “Back End” guys, and those that primarily do the public facing site the “Front End” guys.

When did the switch happen from being called “Designer” to Developer? I think it’s somewhere around this time too… as “Developer” sounds more techie and high-end and deals with “code” vs. “Designer” which kinda evokes the artistic guy that deals with UX/UI and colors.

Me, I still call myself a “Web Designer”… even though I’ve been making database-driven websites (back then using Visual Basic, MSAccess and win-cgi) and SQL driven sites since pre-Y2K. Nowadays, I’m what would people call a Full Stack web developer.

I hope I’ve confused you even more. Carry on…


I choose to become a web developer because a web developer can design a website as well but a web designer just performs tasks of a front end.I am a web developer and working in web designing company in Dubai where I perform front end and back end tasks. So recommend you to become a web developer rather than just web designer.


Both. Nowadays if you really want to make yourself shine, you MUST have technical and creativity skills…that means, beside the usual Full Stack knowledge, you must feel comfortable with Adobe package (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects), Sketch, 3D softwares like Maya or Cinema 4D, SVG handle…
Logo Design, branding, motion animation have to be topics that you can handle (not as a pro, but you have to know principles of Design, and colors and typography).
First of all, you will increase your range of knowledge and range of potential positions to where apply (technically you can apply for everything between full stack, till graphic designer, UI/UX expert and so on).
Side note: few people may argue that this path makes you expert in “anything “; however, work routines make you expert, in a field so dynamic and evolving where nobody is expert. Just widen your skills baggage and be confident to show (even little 3D animation), don’t get tight to job positions name.
My 2c, have fun and create something everyday!


This cartoon seems to give a pretty authoritative answer:



Yes we know some designer and programmers are female. But the statement stands!

I know it’s a cartoon and trying to be funny but I’m going to suggest some might take offence to that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The most interesting fact is the large ratio of developers to designers which is no surprise as a designer is quite specific role, akin to a graphic designer.


There really isn’t any ‘web designer’ who can make good living based on using only HTML5, CSS3…
“Hey I’m a web designer who knows HTML5 and CSS3” sounds like a suicide plan…

Web developers make more money. Learn about MEAN stack… and see how much you can make.