Web Development or Data Analysis/ML

Hello everyone.

I’m here to talk you about me ‘future’ career.
I’m mechanical engineering here in Brazil and I love computers since I was a kid.
Now I realized that I want to work with it!

But I have a BIGGEST choice to do.

1 - I love web development and feel good to work with it, learning from scratch. (I’m taking web development courses already.)


2 - I can start to learn Python to data analysis and then machine learning and all the things that come togheter.
If I study Python and data analysis, I can mix with my graduate course and apply this to industry. Actually I’m working in Renault S.A.

I really don’t no what path to trail.

I just know that I’ll must study A LOT, that’s ok.

Thank you guys in advance.

Do you like statistics and working with numbers to see what data they reveal? If so, it sounds like data analysis or machine learning would integrate well with your current formal studies.

If you don’t find that especially interesting, and you know that you really like web development, I’m not going to tell you to abandon something you enjoy for something that you don’t.

The cool part is, these aren’t two divergent paths. If you’re fairly new to programming, the core lessons will translate from one context to another. If you learn JavaScript now and want to learn Python later, learning Python will be easier then (and vice versa).


I’m new to the programming world too so I’m doing everything I can until I figure out what I would like to do MORE of.

Web Devel from here, Python from DataCamp, and CKA from Udemy :slight_smile:
No idea what kinda career I want but I hope I figure it out soon.
Anyway, Hello to you and good luck with your journey ahead! :smiley:

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Car Manufacturer, hmm. Well you can work on their web development team or their research team. Which do you prefer?

I’m really dont know. I think research team.

Based on what I see from the US. The bar is high and head counts are low(compare to swe) for machine learning engineer or data scientist in research team. Sometimes are hard requirement depends on your circumstances, that could be difficult to make for, most big corps require Masters & often PHDs. Data analyst is more like a glorified business analysis with some sql python work. Some positions call themselves data scientist but it’s just business analyst in reality.

Another option you might consider doing data engineer which is backend heavy and functioning for building data processimg pipeline infrastructure.

For smaller companies, data scientiat/engineer could likely be an all in one role including business analyst + data engineer + data scientist + ml without clear line drew. It could be a good starting point for your career switch.

In other hand, web dev has much larger head counts but the curve is very wide spread. From contracting wordpress mininum wage work to building high concurrency application that supports billions of people.

While it’s good to get different perspectives, you won’t find satisfying answers here or anywhere for what path to choose without having clear preference on what you value, your detailed background(experience, educations) and what is the cost you are willing to invest to switch.

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