Web page elements size convention

I’m currently trying to start making a product landing page but for the FreeCodeCamp curriculum, but, I faced a problem which I always face when trying to make a web design from scratch, I find myself struggling to make the right size for and elements like the navbar, buttons, input, logo, and navigation links my question to you guys is there any websites or books or any other sources to learn about web elements sizing standards or convention.

There isn’t a “right” size for anything, except when it comes to accessibility in which case “big enough” is the “right” size.

It’s really all about the design. You can have a design that calls for large elements and you can have designs that call for small elements. The elements themselves do not live in a vacuum, they need to “match” the surroundings and the style of the design.

I would suggest looking into design principles in general

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Hey there,

you should have a look at “Visual Hierarchy”.

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thank you it was really helpful