Web page structure

Hello, So i have this mysql database where i get data from
The data structure is like this :

LinePage - LineNumber - LineText
1 ---------- 1 ---------------- “Bla bla”
1 ---------- 2 ---------------- “Bla bla”
2 ---------- 1 ---------------- “Bla bla”
2 ---------- 2 ---------------- “Bla bla”

What i want to do is get all the lines of a chosen page and show them to the user based on his box select option.

So what could be the best way to do this ?

I’m assuming you’re asking for the best HTML markup capable of his?

You really have two choices - a table or a list. I’d usually go with the list, but depends on type of data and where you’re displaying it.

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I m also interested on the process of getting the data from mysql to be used in the html code.