Web Scraper Outputs Just One Item Instead of Many

I could loop through the array of course with a for statement and an index but I don’t see how I would access the results in the return statement.

I did this but of course it didn’t work:

for (i = 0; i < 7; i++) {
	img = images[i];
    return {

This didn’t work either:

var i = 0;
while(img = images[i++]){
    return {

Trying the .each method now.

Tried this

const images = cheerio('td.productListing-data > a > img', html)
.each( (i, image) => {cheerio(image).attr('src')})

but got error:

UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON

I don’t understand the connection you have between the link/category and image. There also isn’t a one-to-one relationship when it comes to the numbers of elements. There are 100 images per page (per category) and 39 categories in total.

If the second map (link/category) ran as many times as the first map (images) then you would just get the image from the images array inside the second map using its index.

const image = images[i];

return {

But this will only give you 39 images.

Can you show what you want the CSV to look like?

@lasjorg How are you seeing 100 images per page and 39 categories in total? What url are you using to see this?

I did a search for the image names in another thread and found the site. Not sure about linking it here? It is a online store.

@makamo66 We merged two of your threads to give some more context. Please continue your current questions in this thread. Sorry for any confusion.

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You merged together two different code bases. The first one console logs all the output and the second one saves to a CSV file. It seems more confusing now than it was before.

It is all apart of the same project, so we wanted to keep it together.

@makamo66 Well, in any case, if you have questions post them here. You also never answer the question I posted.

I don’t know what I want the CSV to look like. That’s why I didn’t answer.

Well, then I can’t really help you transform the data. But you see why I asked that question, right? You have many more images then links/categories.

const images = cheerio('td.productListing-data > a > img', html)
  .map((i, image) => cheerio(image).attr('src'))

const img = images.each( (i, image) =>

    return {

The code above resulted in the entire array being outputted to each cell of the spreadsheet.