Webdesign projects feedback before I do my portfolio

Hello good day,
would you be so kind to review 3 of my projects before i do the final project and hand it in

product landing
technical doc - cowabungaa/full/EpzyGE/

thank you

The survey form design and layout is great. But, there is an issue with it’s responsiveness. There is some white space on the right side of the page on smaller screen widths.


The issue is due to the non-responsiveness of the text input boxes, the text-area element, the drop downs and the changing size of the button on hover. Adding the below code snippet to your media query should make it completely responsive.

.inputstyle {
    width: 100%;
  textarea {
    width: 90%;
  .dropdown {
    width: 100%;
  button:hover {
    transform: scale(1.1);

The same responsiveness problem persists with the product landing page.

Your survey form and product landing looks good with design, in smaller devices the survey form textbox gets overflow at 540px, maybe you can stack it with full width, rest of it looks good,

Product landing looks nice.! i guess you didn’t optimize much for smaller device , video overflows at 650px, you can optimize that, and it will be good to go…Good luck.! :wink:

thank you very much for feedbacks, @media query is very new to me im still getting used to it.

You can have a reference at this,